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Cool Stuff

Heated Flooring and Walling

Imagine being able to install underfloor heating yourself with no hassle and without needing to call in other trades to connect electric mats or pipes.

IOBAC heated flooring products include graphene, described as a “wonder product”, which acts as a heat super conductor and means floors heat up super fast. 

The heat produced warms the room via radiant Far Infrared heat, which is extremely heat efficient and cost effective to run.  The underfloor heating can also be powered by renewable energy such as solar panels.

Available either as a heated mat, or as a fast curing paint, both formats are also magnetically receptive. Simply install, connect and fit magnetic flooring tiles on top.  So the sub-floor is easily accessible by just lifting up the tiles.

An energy efficient and cost-effective system which can be powered by renewable energy ….. it’s the future!

Find out more here.

Conductive Flooring (ESD)

Sensor Flooring

Ideal for environments where electrostatic discharge (ESD) could damage sensitive electronic equipment or even act as a potential source of ignition e.g. cleanrooms, aerospace, electronics manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical processing and telecommunications.

The rapid cure IOBAC ESD flooring solution is far quicker and easier to install vs conventional conductive adhesive systems.

Plus, gives your client far greater design choice as magnetic surface tiles can easily be swapped in and out.



Coming soon – Find out more here.

A touchscreen on the floor by Scanalytics – connect and hide under a flexible IOBAC Magnetic Flooring System.

Helping clients to

– understand their physical spaces

– enhance their customer experience

– obtain real-time data to assist business decisions

 Count every step – make every step count!  


Coming soon – Find out more here

Ezy-Install Underlay


The roll down flooring system to use for:


A revolutionary dry-laid underlay combining dry-tack adhesion and magnetic technology

– This Dual Grip technology ensures maximum durability and optimum hold to floor covering

– Compatible with a range of floor coverings – LVT, carpet, wood, ceramic ….. – install either magnetic backed or standard backed product using IOBAC MagTabs

– Install and switch flooring effortlessly for speedy design changes, access and repairs

– Cleanly remove tile ready for re-use/recycling, whilst leaving base uncontaminated for next use

More info here.

Clever little squares make installing standard backed carpet, +4mm luxury vinyl tiles, ceramic and timber onto a metallic base a doddle.  

Install onto:

– raised metal access floors

– Ezy-Install Underlay

– IOBAC magnetically receptive resin

More info here.

Easy Lox

Ocean Saver

FloorPlay are delighted to be the first UK reseller of this revolutionary patented system that makes herringbone a doddle.   

EASYLOX® is a universal connection without left or right parts. Every floorboard has the same profile, without separate parts! 

Thanks to EASYLOX® you no longer have to adjust your floorboards when installing the herringbone floor. Which will reduce your adjustment costs.  

Because EASYLOX® is produced by a CNC controlled machine, it creates  100% perfect fit, perfect squareness and perfect sizes. 

Our floors are produced to a high standard, making them easy and quick to install with an even better end result.

EASYLOX® consists of a solid oak top layer of 4 mm thick and 12 mm thick birch Multiplex underlay. EASYLOX® herringbone is available in different sizes: The width can vary from 12 to 22 centimeters and the length can vary from 60 to 110 centimeters.  

Homecare generates more than 29 billion plastic containers each year. OceanSaver have taken a stand and created a solution. 

Their plant-based, non-toxic EcoDrops transform in water, creating a safe and powerful product to clean your home spotlessly, while you play your part in something vital. Small change. Big impact.

Simply ….



and Clean!







Designer Accent Feature Walls

Not just for floors!


It’s as easy as 1.2.3 to create stunning designer accent feature walls using IOBAC magnetic technology


1) Roll on 2 coats of special magnetically receptive paint

2) Paint over with your desired wall colour

3) Add design features with luxury vinyl magnetic shapes.  Adjust design until perfect!


The only limitation is your imagination!

Magnetic Backings

Converting and consultancy services to apply magnetic film to a variety of floor coverings including wood, carpet and vinyl

Pre-Cut Designs

Coming soon - pre-cut kits to make installing luxury vinyl patterns easier


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