Installation Materials

Underlays, resins and installation materials designed to make your projects faster, quicker, cleaner and more flexible for your clients.


What is IOBAC flooring installation technology?

IOBAC technology is one of the fastest and most flexible
flooring installation methods available – in fact, installation time can be reduced by up to three times.

No adhesives are needed, so a clean installation process is guaranteed.

The technology works through three simple steps:

Ezy-Install Underlay

IOBAC Resins








Enjoy fast, clean and flexible installations using this revolutionary underlay.

It combines dry-tack adhesion and magnetic technology to give optimum hold to LVT, carpet, ceramic and wood tiles and planks.

It’s THE roll down flooring system to use for:

Maximum Grip ~ Fast Installation ~ Flexible Designs.  

Available from FloorPlay in 5m2 rolls.

IOBAC magnetically receptive resin bases form a permanent, durable base onto which a wide choice of floor coverings can be fixed.

One of the major benefits of IOBAC resins is that they can be applied to a floor of up to 95% humidity without the need for moisture mitigation materials such as dampproof membranes. And as an encapsulated system, dust contamination is eliminated.

With a choice of two IOBAC resins for maximum flexibility, there is an option for most circumstances:

High Grab Resin – combines dry-adhesive tack with magnetism to ensure maximum hold between the base and surface tile. Ideal for high-traffic areas demanding maximum durability.

Express Cure Resin – super fast cure of just 1-2 hours results in minimal disruption to business operations. Ideal for refurbishment projects.



Clever little squares make installing standard backed carpet, +4mm luxury vinyl tiles, ceramic and timber onto a metallic base a doddle.  

Install onto:

– raised metal access floors

– Ezy-Install Underlay

– IOBAC magnetically receptive resin

MT4 and MT5 tabs available.

Acoustic Cradle System

Recycled rubber flooring, acoustic cradles and floor levelling system

Widely used in refurbishment, conversions and new build projects, these versatile and environmentally friendly acoustic cradles are able to provide an extensive range of finished floor heights.

These include raised floors to accommodate underfloor services and acoustic floors offering extremely high standards of acoustic performance.

They also provide accurate and rapid on-site levelling to eliminate any unevenness in the structural floor surface.

Available from Floor Play:

Acoustic Cradles : 25mm leg x 10mm or 20mm base, 40mm leg x 20mm base

Base Packers: 10mm or 30mm

Cradle Packers: 2mm or 5mm