We know how hard it can be sometimes to get hold of good quality products at the right price.

That’s why we’ve sourced a range of top flooring materials from the best manufacturers at fantastic trade prices, to help you get a quality job done right.

Floor Coverings


It ain't hard getting wood with us.
Beautiful timber products - with either standard or magnetic backing - including new EASYLOX® which makes herringbone a doddle, Magnetec and wholesale wood.

Starting from £29.99/sq m (+VAT).

Luxury Vinyl

Click here to see our range of standard and magnetic backed LVT including Amtico, Karndean, MABOS and IVC Group. Prices start from £8.99/sq m (+VAT).

Carpet Tiles

Great selection of quality carpet tiles and planks for every job from manufacturers including Amtico and IVC Group.

Some nice fluff starting from £9.99/sq m (+VAT).

Ceramic & Porcelain

Tiles to tickle your fancy.
Coming soon ...


Ezy-Install Underlay

The roll down flooring system to use for: Maximum Grip ~ Fast Installation ~ Flexible Designs.

This revolutionary dry-laid underlay combines dry-tack adhesion and magnetic technology for optimum hold. Simply install tiles on top.

IOBAC Magnetically Receptive Resins

IOBAC magnetically receptive resin bases form a permanent, durable base onto which a wide choice of floor coverings can be fixed. High Grab and Express Cure options available.

Installation Accessories

Acoustic Flooring


IOBAC MagTabs fix standard non magnetised floor tiles to any magnetically receptive floor, whether that’s a metal raised access floor or a metallic base from the IOBAC Magnetic Flooring system (Ezy-Install Underlay or resin).

Acoustic Cradle System

A range of recycled rubber flooring cradles and packers for easy levelling of high performance acoustic flooring.

Cleaning & Maintenance Kits

Keep your hard work looking the dogs, with these kits. Introducing eco-friendly OceanSaver floor cleaning products.


Make life easy and get your hands on the right tool! Coming Soon .....